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Pinckneyville boy sets off firework inside sparking small fire

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PINCKNEYVILLE, Ill. -- Pinckneyville Fire Chief Jim Gielow says a six-year-old boy set off a firework in the kitchen of his home... sparking a fire late Wednesday night. 

Gielow says the child used the kitchen's stove to light the firework while his mother was in another room, "She was tending to another child at the time, so this child was unattended for just a brief amount of time. "

The child then dropped the firework after lighting it, which caused the fire. The fire chief says the fireworks down on some clothes and its started burning some clothes. The mother was able to quickly put the fire out with minimal damage to the apartment.

The fire department arrived on scene around 11 p.m. and did a safety check of the apartment, finding no further issues. 

Gielow says its uncommon for children to light fireworks off inside, but they are often allowed to set them off outside without supervision, which can have severe consequences. 

"If it's a large firecracker or something, they could actually lose fingers. Like I said, burns are the common injuries," Gielow explains. "Sometimes they'll land on a roof and nobody will notice until a fire starts." 

Instead, Gielow suggests parents teach their kids the dangers of fireworks and keep them out of reach, "Keep them locked up and always have adult supervision when they're setting them off." 

The fire chief also wants to remind locals that when throwing away their used fireworks, its best to let them soak in a bucket of water before putting them in the trash can.

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