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Storms topple trees in Saline County

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HARCO, Ill. -- Storms leave plenty of damage behind for people to clean up Friday.

Strong winds tore through Saline County Thursday night, scattering tree limbs across the area, including in Harco.

"It got real dark," DeWayne Reynolds of Harco said. "It started sprinkling rain and then all of a sudden, the wind kicked in."

DeWayne Reynolds lives in Harco with his family.

"I was at my Aunt and Uncle's house and their greenhouse completely blew away," Reynolds said. "Brand new."

He spent Friday cleaning up his grandfather's property, including a tree he planted 26 years ago.

"I planted this tree in the eighth grade and well, now I get to come full circle so now I get to cut it up, too," Reynolds said.

That tree wasn't the only one damaged Thursday.

Trees lined the streets of Harco, including a property on Brown Street.

The property owner said the strong wind uprooted the tree which came down on a barn and some wiring for her cattle fence.

"With the way the winds came in, they came in fast," Reynolds said. "You didn't have much time to do anything."

The storm also knocked over several trees in Galatia and Harrisburg, leaving several hundred people in the county without power.

Reynolds said he's surprised it wasn't worse.

"That lightning was something else to see," Reynolds said. "I think mother nature was putting off her fireworks a little bit early."

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