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Sheep decapitated in rural Thompsonville

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UPDATED: JUNE 21, 2018 1:50 p.m.

THOMPSONVILLE, Ill. -- The Williamson County sheriff says experts do not believe humans were involved in the death of a young lamb.

Officials say it is possible a predator was able to remove the head of such a small lamb.

The investigation will continue since there is no definitive evidence as to what happened at this time.


THOMPSONVILLE, Ill. -- Williamson County Detectives are investigating the death of a lamb, found decapitated on someone's property with the head nowhere to be found.

"Family members say they were out early Tuesday morning, checking on their sheep when they found one they thought was asleep.

It wasn't.

Instead, they found a lamb, just three weeks old, with its head cut off.

The head, nowhere to be found.

Whitney Mcdonough lives at the property in rural Thompsonville.

"It didn't seem right. It kind of had a weird vibe to it," Mcdonough

Mcdonough said she has no idea what happened.

"There were no signs of struggle. There was no blood around," Mcdonough said. There was no other signs of footprints or messed up grass or anything possible that could of touched it."

Mcdonough believes someone used a serrated blade to cut off the sheep's head.

Other family members aren't so sure.

"It's kind of nerve wracking, you know, we got little babies and nieces and nephews and little kids that are everywhere," Mcdonough said. "It kind of puts you on edge that somebody in the surrounding area that would even want to do that."

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