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Neighbors share disturbing details of dog's death

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HERRIN, Ill. -- Police continue an investigation after a woman in Herrin was arrested in connection with the death of a dog.

Police arrested 39-year-old Sandra Cain on animal cruelty charges and took her to the Williamson County Jail Saturday.

Neighbors are in shock, calling the situation disturbing.

"It was very vicious for her to sit there and choke that dog in one neighbor's yard, and come down two houses down and pick up a brick and bash that dog's head, that was just uncalled for," said Kelly Hart, of Herrin.

The family whose dog was killed told News 3 it all unfolded after an altercation escalated between a homeowner and someone else living in a tent in their backyard. They say Cain beat the dog to death following the physical altercation between the two women.

A neighbor captured video on his surveillance cameras claiming it shows the woman carrying out the attack on the dog. You never see her hitting the dog, but you see her carrying it behind a fence. One man described how the woman then used a creek and a neighbor's hose to rinse herself off following the attack.

It's a situation parents in the area call alarming.

"It's sad that anybody can get enraged that much to hurt an animal," said Paula Parkis, mother of four who lives down the street from where the incident happened.

She told News 3 her children enjoy playing outside and she's thankful they and other children in the area did not witness the attack.

"Anywhere it's just not ok, it's not acceptable in humanity period, whether it be a cat, a dog, or another human being," Parkis said.

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