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Nomophobia on the rise

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WSIL-TV - Nomophobia is a growing problem across the country. That's a term coined recently meaning "no mobile phone phobia."

With tech addiction on the rise, device manufacturers are trying to implement features to help users disconnect.

Apple debuted "screen time" at its worldwide developers conference: a new iphone feature to help users keep track of their tech usage.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO says, "I encourage everyone to look ... and ask themselves if they're picking up their phone 10 times an hour, or 20 times an hour."

And Apple isn't the only developer looking to help people fight tech addiction.

In May, Google announced a suite of "digital wellbeing" tools for the next version of android.

Facebook has introduced changes to its news feed which it claims causes users to spend less time on the site.

There are serious ramifications to bad tech habits. 

A Pew research study found that nearly half of adults in the U.S. admit to sending or reading texts while driving. That number increases to 59 percent for millennials.

A midtown Manhattan pedestrian study found that 42 percent of the people who entered traffic during a "don't walk" signal were interacting with their device.

Tech addiction can also cause poor posture, affecting a person's neck, spine, respiratory functions, and even emotions.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO says, "We want people to be incredibly satisfied and empowered by our devices that we ship, but we've never wanted people to spend a lot of time on them."

ABC News contributed to this report.

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