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UNSUNG HERO: David Speight helps neighbors

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ROYALTON, Ill. - You may often hear, it's the small things that make the biggest impact with people. That's the case for the Village of Royalton, where one man's simple act of helping his neighbors makes him this week's Unsung Hero.

Trash pick-up day in Royalton has become special to nearly 40 residents thanks to Marine Veteran David Speight.

"When I see the lid down or the lid is flipped over, I normally go and check. I say, okay, if it's open. I'll go," said Speight. 

After the cans are emptied, he rolls each trash bin back to the house. "I've always done stuff like this. All my life I've liked helping my neighbors."  

"My neighbor over here, I started helping him out and it just grew. I just started doing other peoples cans." Speight says it's no big deal, but neighbors disagree.

"I know the elderly people here in town appreciate what he does and he's just a great neighbor," said neighbor Paul Webb. 

Webb recalled a time David surprised him, "My wife and I was babysitting our granddaughter and we heard a lawnmower running and my wife looked outside and there was Dave out on the mower mowing our grass." 

"A lot of working people you know, they have jobs to do and he does part of that for them," added David Guill. 

Guill and Speight even have a friendly competition going, "At my house, he hides till they get there, so he'll beat me to getting the can," said Guill. 

"To get his garbage can, I have to sneak over there to get it so I can beat him," added Speight.  

Royalton Police Lt. Daniel Staggs says Speight does a lot for the community, "He helps out with the first responder calls, the fire calls, different police calls and everything. When we need somebody extra to come in, he comes in and works the parades. " 

And, in a unique twist, David was nominated the same time another man was, for doing almost the exact same thing, in West Frankfort. On May 3, a Facebook post went out nominating a mystery man for our WSIL's Unsung Hero segment. 

In the post, Danny Broy writes, "This kind man comes around every week on trash night and puts out people's trash cans. The following morning he makes his rounds and puts them away."

According to the comments, the man's name is Charlie and he's been helping neighbors like this for many years. So, News 3 would like Charlie to know, his community says thank you.

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