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Farmers rush to plant crops

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FRANKLIN CO. -- In less than a month, we've gone from flurries to hot and humid weather. Farmers were concerned the cold and wet weather would delay planting, but this week they find themselves in the field planting corn and soybeans as fast as they can. 

Just four weeks ago, Chris Menckowski was seeing flurries on his farm. His ground too cold and wet for planting.  Now, the sun is out and all its heat has dried the soil quickly, making it nearly perfect for planting. 

"It's crumbly, but you got adequate moisture,' said Menckowski. 

For a week now, Menckowski has been taking advantage, putting in long days in the fields planting his corn and soybeans. But Menckowski says with spotty storms expected later this week, he's still taking a risk putting the crop in the ground.  Most farmers try to avoid planting before a rain. 

"If you plant and you get too much rain on it, the ground turns to concrete and its hard and the crop won't come up," said Menckowski. 

But he says if another rain comes shortly after, he'll be in luck. More rain will loosen the ground and allow the crop to hopefully pop through the soil. But, as is the life of farmer, the worries never end. 

"I'm hesitant whether to spray these beans or not because, if it rains Wednesday, the beans are popping through the ground and the chemical that you put on top splash on the beans and it'll kill them," said Menckowski. 

He'll be keeping a close eye on the forecast during these critical few weeks. 

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