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Cleanup efforts underway in Galatia after storm destroys homes, sheds, bins

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GALATIA -- Cleanup efforts are underway across Galatia after a storm left devastation. 

While Eddie Anderson's home made it through, he lost two sheds, a bin and loads of equipment. His children and grandchildren have a different story. 

"My boy lost his place totally and my daughter lost her place so we've been hit hard as a family," Eddie said. 

The storm left tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

"We thought it was really sad because everything was destroyed," said Emma Anderson, Eddie's granddaughter. 

The whole family feared for their lives. Eddie explained how a grain bin came flying toward their home during the storm and landed inside the swimming pool.

"If it hadn't been for the pool, it would have went through my house," Eddie said.

Fortunately, no one was inside the home at the time. 

"I was actually on my way home from work," Eddie said. "My wife actually got stuck in my car and she couldn't get out, the pressure was so strong on the door, there was no way she could get out of it."

Eddie said thankfully, his wife and the entire family survived the storm.

"The dumpster went rolling past her car and nothing hit her car," Heather Anderson said. 

With all the chaos going on, other family members say a storm shelter helped save their lives.

"And just as my husband was closing the shelter door is when we seen the roof go off the building," Heather said. 

The family said all they can do now is move forward.

"It's gonna be a very long process but I feel like everybody is going to get there eventually and in the end it's something to learn and when people tell you to get in the shelter, you need to do it!" Clayton Anderson said.

Everyone from Senator Dale Fowler to the Saline County Sheriff, the emergency management team, neighbors and other groups came out to show support. The family said they're thankful for the community. 

"There's nothing here we can't rebuild, nothing we can't fix, it's all just things," Eddie said. 


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