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Lawmaker introduces bill targeting robocalls

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SPRINGFIELD -- A state lawmaker targets robocalls.

Sen. Dave Syverson (R-Rockford) has sponsored a bill that would toughen regulations on companies that send out automated phone calls.

Blocking firm YouMail estimated 2.7 billion robocalls were made in February, annoying countless people.

"I feel like sometimes they can be a pest," Liddell Berry of Carbondale said.

"Robocalls have made me especially grateful for caller ID because we get 2, 3, 4 of them a day," Bob Morwell of Carterville said.

That's why Syverson sponsored Senate Bill 2573, a bill that goes after people who skirt existing laws like the "Do Not Call" list and those who "spoof" their numbers to look local.

"It's important because this is a growing problem," Syverson said.

Berry said he's getting "spoof" calls more and more.

"Sometimes, I think it's a family member calling but I just answer it regardless just to see who it is," Berry said.

One person even called him four times last week from a 618 number, trying to sell him a computer.

"I just blocked his number," Berry said.

He applauds efforts to get those spam calls to stop.

Lawmakers return to Springfield next week and Syverson expects lawmakers to move quickly on this bill with no real opposition.

He said the governor has also voiced his support for the bill.

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