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Will the #NeverAgain movement actually have an impact?

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WSIL -- Even as millions of people took part in March For Our Lives protests across the nation last week, and the #NeverAgain movement is a fixture on national news, John Jackson, professor at SIU's Paul Simon Public Policy Institute says he doesn't think it will make much of an impact in November's midterm elections.

"It had a short term impact that was pretty dramatic," Jackson said. "Millions total participated in one form or another, but will that last until November? I doubt it."

Jackson cite's young people's low voter turnout and compares the movement to Occupy Wall Street in 2011.

That movement, also driven by young people, gained national attention and attracted large numbers of protesters but fizzled within months.

"Geezers like me, folks who have to go use their walkers to get to the polls are going to outnumber them before its over," he said.

He adds that student organizers, while enthusiastic, simply don't have the resources, or the base to take on the gun lobby, especially just a few months from now.

"You've got to have an organization, you've got to have a lot of money, and until they match the NRA, which I don't think they can come close to doing, I don't think they're going to help their cause for the fall term," Jackson said. 

Last week former Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens called for the repealing of the second amendment. Jackson says this could actually hurt the movement, playing right into the NRA's hand.

"They're going to do fundraising, they're going to get their membership stirred up one more time," he said "See they're going after your guns. Even a Supreme Court justice wants to repeal the second amendment."

But Jackson thinks there is only one tragic way the Never Again movement would have an impact in November.

"The only way it will impact November is if we have another mass shooting in early October, and you have a similar uprising," he said. 

While he doesn't see much of a a future for the movement, Jackson says if organizers can start actually registering people to vote instead of just riling them up, it could make a difference.

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