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Thieves take $7,000 in tools from Carterville construction company

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CARTERVILLE -- The owner of Stennett Construction in Carterville wants to see the people who stole from his tool trailer brought to justice. Thursday morning, while he and his crew prepared to start the day, they realized all of their expensive tools were gone. 

In nearly 30 years of business, Poncho Stennett has had tools stolen from him twice. Two years ago, he had $11,000 dollars worth of tools taken from his trailer. This week, thieves made off with about $7,000 in saws, drills, and pneumatic tools.  

"I make my living with these tools and these guys are making a living by stealing mine," said Stennett. 

Stennett says its extremely aggravating and a major inconvenience when his crew doesn't have the tools they need to make progress on a house project.
"I got three other guys who depend on me to pay them every week and I have to keep them working. So I'll just have to take time out and go buy new tools tonight," said Stennett. 

Stennett is thankful to have insurance, but can't wait on them to give him money to buy new tools. He says he'll pay $7,000 out-of-pocket to replace the tools, so he and his crew can get back to work right away. This time though, he plans to do more to discourage anyone thinking of stealing from him. 

"Everything is going to get labeled, engraved in a hidden spot somewhere. My grandfather used to do it when he was in business and never had anything stolen. Maybe that's good insurance," said Stennett. 

He says he's fed up and will be keeping his eyes peeled for anyone up to no good.

"We've all had the feeling that there is somebody telling them where these trailers are at. Someone that's out and about in the neighborhoods every day," said Stennett. 

On top of labeling tools, he has already contacted an alarm company about putting devices on Stennett Construction trailers. 

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