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Couple seen trespassing in Herrin neighborhood

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HERRIN -- A post to the Herrin Community Crime Watch Facebook page has folks throughout town talking about a couple accused of trespassing.

News 3 spoke with someone who claims the couple came to her house. She believes the woman is used as a distraction, while the man goes through people's belongings. 

Hope Crider has lived on South 16th Street in Herrin for more than eight years. She says when her family moved in, it was a nice neighborhood, but not anymore. 

"That's the remnants of her burning off my side burner here. This is just feet from my house," said Crider. 

Last week, she says a woman knocked on her front door asking to come inside to warm up and use a phone. Crider says her husband let the woman in, but quickly felt something wasn't right and asked her to leave. 

"During the time she was here she was pulling just a variety of items out of her purse. She had watches, just a mass array of things. She pulled out what looked like a cup holder from a car console. That cup holder was sitting on our grill," said Crider. 

The next day, Crider noticed her shed had been broken into and her gas grill had been used as a fireplace. As she scrolled through Facebook, she noticed her neighbor had posted surveillance pictures claiming the same woman was also seen roaming around her property. 

"That's the image I captured where my husband was able to say, without a hesitation, 'that's the same hat, same coat, same girl,'" said Crider.  

In the surveillance images, the woman is seen walking up into a carport and then meeting a man in the road. Crider says the photos were interesting because, while her son was cleaning up the back yard, a man came walking up to him. 

"He asked my son if he had found any keys while he was going through the stuff out here. I mean, to me, you could not implicate yourself any more," said Crider. 
Crider says she's not concerned with what was in the shed but doesn't like to be vandalized. She hopes if the couple is behind the vandalism, they are caught soon and turned into police. 

Crider added the man looking for his keys said his van was stolen and parked at a nearby business. 

Herrin Police confirmed a van was towed from that business but said they had no reason to charge the man criminally.          

Herrin's Chief added they have upped patrols in Crider's neighborhood. 

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