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"Thank you, Bruce Rauner" ad sparks controversy

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WSIL -- Republican Representative Jeannie Ives, who's challenging Governor Bruce Rauner in the March primary, released a new ad that's causing quite a stir. Some have called the ad racist, sexist and transphobic and have called for its removal. 

"The message is not very subtle. The message is more like a sledgehammer," said John Jackson, political expert with the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute. 

Jackson says ads like Reresentative Ives' represent a very recent trend in American politics. He says it wasn't long ago, there were certain norms followed when it came to making digs at an opponent. But following the 2016 presidential election, those norms seem to have been tossed aside.

"There is now nothing people won't hit their opponent with. There's no name they won't call them," said Jackson. 

Gabriele Spintzyk believes the ad will only cause more division, which is why she wants to see it pulled. 

"They are using images that are going to inflame people rather than inform people," said Spintzyk. 
She isn't the only one calling for its removal. Leaders from both the Republican and Democratic parties say the ad goes too far. But Ives is defending it, saying the ad shows voters which constituencies Governor Rauner decided to side with.

'By her not taking it down, I think it speaks a lot about the candidate that she might be," said Spintzyk. 

Spintzyk and Jackson believe the ad is far enough out there, it won't bring in enough votes to win the Republican nomination.

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