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Harrisburg man arrested for burning wood

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SALINE COUNTY --  A Harrisburg man Mike Crank gets arrested twice in two weeks for burning tree limbs on his own property.

It may have something to do with an ongoing war of words between the man, and county leaders.

Correctional officer Mike Crank has been to jail twice in the last two weeks after what he says were multiple complaints about fires like this.

"There's 30 people out there and we're sled riding and having a good time standing around a campfire and I get arrested," explained Crank.

Prosecutors claim the reason Saline County Deputies arrested Crank is because he was burning a pile of tree limbs from his tree service on his property without a proper permit from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

Crank captured his last arrest on his cell phone.

"[The deputy] said because I burn commercial I basically cant rub two sticks together and have a fire," added Crank.

Saline county prosecutors say because the wood Crank burned was from his tree service, it's considered "refuse" under Illinois state statute something the Illinois EPA says checks out.

Regardless Crank plans on fighting the charges in court.

"I didn't know I was going to keep getting arrested, I didn't mind fighting the citation but sitting 10 hours in jail for a campfire that would have taken about 15 minutes to put out is a little frustrating but whatever," added Crank.

A situation that started with a pile of burning tree limbs that Crank hopes to put out soon.

"Where do you go from here? I don't know," answered Crank.

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