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Local immigrant responds to Trump's 's***hole' comment

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CARBONDALE -- Carbondale city councilman Navreet Kang came to America in 1981 from India.

He said there's plenty of ways to reform the immigration system, including the green card lottery.

"It's very subjective so there's no rhyme or reason behind it," Kang said. "There is no regular criteria that we have to meet so at random, people get picked."

Kang also backs President Trump's immigration platform, but when it comes to comments he reportedly made about certain countries Thursday, Kang believes the president could have used better language.

"That's highly unbecoming of a president if somebody uses that kind of language, period," Kang said.

President Trump ignored questions Friday about the comments but he issued a denial on Twitter.  

Kang said he's willing to take the president's word unless there's a recording proving otherwise.

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) was in the meeting with President Trump Thursday and he claims everything the president reportedly said actually happened.

"He said these hateful things and he said them repeatedly," Durbin said. "He used these vile, vulgar comments, calling the nations (certain immigrants) come from 's***holes.'"

And despite the president's opposition, Durbin said lawmakers still plan to vote on a plan reforming DACA next week.

Kang wants to see immigration reform too, including help for so-called "dreamers," he just wants a more merit-based system.

"The first thing we should reject is someone looking for a handout when they come here," Kang said. "They should be able to... not only support but add to this economy and this country."

Whether or not Kang gets his wish lies with Congress. Lawmakers have until March to pass legislation before DACA expires.

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