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Carterville Police arrest man with assault rifle, body armor and helmet

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CARTERVILLE -- A Carterville man faces felony charges, after police say he walked around his apartment complex with a loaded rifle. 

Around 7 a.m. Sunday morning officers were called to an apartment complex in the 700 block of Laclede Avenue, for a report that a man had a gun.

"The caller said that there was a man walking around the apartment complex wearing body armor and armed with what he believed was an AR-15," said Carterville Police Chief Heather Reno. 

That man, 23 year-old Gregory Martin, was carrying two weapons, a loaded AR-15 and a handgun. Chief Reno says officers rushed to the complex but didn't see Martin outside. They were able to make contact with the caller, who directed them to apartment number seven. 
"As they decided to begin to approach the apartment, the suspect stepped outside still wearing the body armor," said Reno. 

And still carrying the weapons, which were pointed in the direction of the officers. Reno says her officers ordered him at gunpoint to put the guns down, and were able to arrest him without incident. 

"You can see by his flag in his window, he evidently views himself as some type of a patriot," said Dan Shasteen. 

Shasteen, who owns the apartments, says Martin never did anything to raise a red flag. He was stunned to hear of Marin's arrest, but said he's glad Carterville Police were able to handle the situation quickly before anyone was hurt. 

"A lot of these 12 apartments are rented to families. Husband, wife and small children so when you hear of a guy with a semi-automatic weapon, it just scares us to death," said Shasteen. 

Chief Reno says Martin did have a FOID card and, to their knowledge, had no criminal record or history of mental illness.      

"We had not dealt with him before, we've received no previous calls on him. It was an unexpected encounter," said Reno. 

She says they're in the process of revoking that FOID card, so if Martin is able to bond out of jail, they aren't required to give his weapons back. 

Martin is charged with aggravated unlawful use of weapons, unlawful use of body armor, aggravated assault and disorderly conduct.

Chief Reno says officers smelled alcohol on Martin's breath. She also said there were more weapons inside the home. 

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