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Cold weather causing more water main breaks

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JACKSON COUNTY -- Freezing temperatures can cause many problems, and not just on your home or car.

Many cities and municipalities are starting to see more water main breaks, and it's not only hard on those living by broken water mains, it's hard on those fixing breaks as well. 

With temperatures just below freezing it still feels a lot warmer than it has the last couple days and those cold temperatures are causing problems with water mains in southern Illinois. 

Murphysboro resident Jane Siefert experienced those problems first hand when a water main ruptured in front of her house Monday.

"Two days ago we noticed water bubbling out of our street and sidewalk," explained Siefert.

Seeing the mess in her front yard has Siefert ready for a warmup.

She says she feels for the city workers who had to brave the cold fixing her water main. 

"I did I felt sorry for them," added Siefert.

"We've had 5 water main breaks in the last two days," said Murphysboro Water Department Foreman Tim Lee.

Breaks on 7th Street, Route 13, Logan Street and Pine Street that Lee says have resulted in almost 30 hours of overtime since Christmas.

"You know we do what we have to do and that's what we get paid to do is keep the water on for the customer," explained Lee.

Something Siefert says she appreciates, especially in this weather.

"The one guy yesterday said this is my day off and I jokingly told him well at least you get overtime," joked Siefert.

Water Department employees in Murphysboro aren't alone, city workers in Carbondale say they've had 11 water main breaks in town since Friday. 

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