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Governor launches campaign to bring awareness to "Move Over" Law

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WSIL -- Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner has teamed up with Illinois safety leaders to stress the importance of the state's "Move Over" law.

"We'll have people come by, don't move over lanes for whatever reason, or they'll decide the guy in the left lane is going too slow and they want to hurry up and try to pass so they move to the right lane," said Illinois State Police officer Greg Miller.

For officers like Miller, whether conducting a routine traffic stop, or assisting a motorist, other drivers are always a concern.

Most drivers are likely aware of Scott's Law, also known as the "Move Over" Law. It mandates drivers approaching police or other emergency vehicle stopped along the roadway, to proceed with caution and change lanes when possible.

The law expanded this year to include any vehicle with hazard lights.

"You first need to, reduce your speed. Then, if you can change lanes safely, change lanes and move over and allow that person to work on the side of the road so we don't end up with a crash," explained Miller.

Governor Rauner launched a new campaign on Wednesday aiming to make more drivers aware of the law.

"In recent months, we've had highway maintenance workers killed, we've had tow truck workers hurt and killed," said Rauner. "Over the years, we've had police officers who have been killed on the side of the road."

Failure to comply can carry stiff penalties. A fine of up to $10,000, two year suspension of driving privileges, and even possible jail time.

"Our most important public servants out on the roads are our police officers, firefighters, and emergency personnel," explained Rauner. "They're our heroes. They work hard to protect us every day. We need to protect them."

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