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Woman embraces pet pig

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COULTERVILLE -- While some pig owners get criticized for having pet pigs, one family says their community embraces their pet pig.

Maggee Phelps, of Coulterville, lives outside city limits with her pet pig, Sweet Pea, aka Pig. She couldn't imagine having to give up her pet.

"I would feel devastated, I would definitely fight it." Maggee said. "I've thought about it, if I move out here, what will I do? But I guess I'll get to that point when it comes." 

But a West Frankfort woman has hit that crossroad. One woman took to social media to explain she has ten days to find her pet pig a new home, after city leaders came cracking down on her.

Concerns about pet pigs also came up in Harrisburg recently.

"We contacted the lady, and spoke with her and asked her to remove the pigs and she did," said Harrisburg Mayor John McPeek. "She was a little heartbroken at first."

McPeek explained how Harrisburg has an ordinance that does not allow farm animals as pets and that neighbor complied.

"They weighed close to 300-hundred pounds, I mean they were huge pigs," McPeek said, adding he believes the owner still visits her two pigs on a farm in Mitchellsville.

But Maggee said pigs don't just belong on the farm.

"She's real gentle," Maggee said. "They're too smart for their own good sometimes." 

She believes they belong in homes, too.

And she hopes the West Frankfort woman will get to keep her pig.

"If they were destructive, and tearing up stuff or biting people, I could understand that," Maggee said. "People should be able to live how they want to live."

Maggee's pig is a member of the American Mini Pig Association, a group working to educate and advocate for miniature pigs.

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