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Carbondale neighbors on edge after armed robbery

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CARBONDALE -- Police are searching for a man wearing a ski mask who pulled a gun on a Carbondale neighbor, demanding his money and phone.

"A man wearing a cap and a mask over his face walked out from behind my house right there pointing a gun at me," said Harrison Oakley, of Carbondale. 

It happened early Monday around 12:30 a.m. off West Elm Street. Oakley said a man showed up on his porch, telling his roommate a door was open in the driveway. That's when Oakley went to investigate his car, which he said he left unlocked in his driveway. 

"After he saw that my roommates had left, he told me to empty my pockets and lay down on the ground," Oakley said.

The gunman demanded Oakley's phone and wallet, then took off with the items.

"He did what anybody would do," said Sgt. Amber Ronketto, of Carbondale Police. "Somebody says your car has been broken into, the first thing you're going to do is go outside and look and see is your car damaged, is something missing."

Oakley tried to chase after the crook but couldn't catch him. 

"I asked him "why are you doing this man?" Oakley said. "I just got off a 10-hour shift."

People who live in the neighborhood were shocked to hear about the dangerous scene so close to home.

"That's the way you feel," said D. Gorton, who lives across the street from Oakley. "You're angry, you're kinda mad, you don't trust anybody coming to your door."

Remaining positive and returning to work Tuesday, Oakley said it could've been worse.

"It's over now, and hopefully it won't happen to anybody else," Oakley said. 

Carbondale police stress to avoid opening your doors at night to strangers and call them if you see anything suspicious.

The armed robbery is under investigation and officers encourage you to contact them if you have any information regarding the case.

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