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10-year-old helps bring awareness to Type 1 Diabetes

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HERRIN -- At the young age of 10-years old, a Williamson County boy makes it his duty to raise awareness about Type 1 diabetes. Doctors diagnosed Jaxon Hale, a year ago, and he plans to turn his disease into an opportunity.

Jaxon is like any other 10-year-old. He likes playing outside, sports and eating.

"I eat everything," said Jaxon.  

His latest hobby is painting insulin pods. At 9-years-old doctors diagnosed Jaxon with Type 1 Diabetes. It was last October, when Jaxon's mom, Kristina, she first noticed a change in her son.

"He had lost a lot of weight. He also had a rash that we couldn't explain," added Kristina.  

She says if his blood sugar gets too low or too high, it could be potentially dangerous for Jaxon.

"I take a nap because all my energy is gone," explained Jaxon.  

Over the last year, Jaxon has learned to count his carbohydrates before he takes a bite to eat.

"He can not eat anything unless he has the insulin to cover the carbs," said Kristina.  

For the first 9-months he had to get insulin shots, now he wears pods that give him insulin when he needs it. The pods are changed every 3-days and instead of throwing them away, he and his family paint them. A $5 donation for one of Jaxon's hand-painted pods will help a child attend a new camp at Touch of Nature for kids with Type 1.

"He had a good experience at that camp and I think just realizing, you know, we want to give back to that," said Kristina.  

And now Jaxon wants to make sure others experience the fun he had. So far, Jaxon has collected over $100 and is handling this new way of life with ease.

"If like, your parents asked for, like, a fry or something, you say, I already dosed for that," added Jaxon.  

Kristina says the camp is free to attend but if they don't get enough donations, it could cost $267 per child.

Kristina says Type 1 signs to look for include excessive thirst, frequent bathroom trips. headaches, vision change and rapid weight loss. 

For more information, the Hale family started a Facebook page called Southern Illinois Type 1 Family.

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