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Counterfeit crook in Carbondale caught on camera

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CARBONDALE -- Multiple businesses in Carbondale have reported seeing counterfeit money floating around, including Thai Taste, Castle Perilous Comics and Games, and Grassy General Store.

Employees at Grassy General store caught the man on security footage handing off counterfeit money.

 Assistant Manager Joshua Siron was behind the register when the man handed him fake cash about two weeks ago.

"Guess he just got some candy or something, I don't remember, look at that just twenties, twenties, twenties, ones there's a bunch of bills in there," said Siron.

Siron refused the fake 20 and instead of using other bills from his wallet the suspect walked out, but he came back again using change to buy an 80-cent soda.

"He's counting out change to me right here, look at that nickels, dimes, pennies," described Siron.

Siron says the man has been back a few times since he tried to pass off fake cash. 

"If someone told me my money was fake I would get upset or cause a scene in the store," added Siron.

This man apparently wasn't phased until he saw our camera Friday while I was shooting this story.

"The convenience and timing of you being here was kind of shocking," added Siron.

We called the Williamson County Sheriff's office who sent a deputy to the store shortly after the man left, they say an investigation is currently underway.

"That could be some of the money that's showing up in Carbondale though," added Grassy General Store's Manager Jennifer Oakley.

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