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New report shows fewer crimes on SIU's campus

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CARBONDALE -- New numbers reveal a decrease of crime on SIU's campus. The university's police department released its annual security report.

Cheryl Simmons and her son Josh came from Evansville, Indiana to stop by SIU on a college visit. He wanted to check out student life, and she wanted to make sure it was a safe place for her son. 

"As a parent, you worry about your child, even though they are 18+ years old. You know, they are young men and women, but at the same time its a parent.s job to make sure they are in a safe environment," said Simmons. 

The latest SIU police department security report shows, in 2016, officers received 144 fewer calls for crime. Burglaries fell from 13 to four, and reported sexual assaults dropped from 40 to 19.

Some students thought the decline could be attributed to lowered enrollment. So, we decided to compare. In FY 2016, enrollment dropped 7.6 percent. In the same year, criminal acts on campus dropped 18.8 percent. 

Graduate Student, Nicholas Nosbisch, said enrollment probably has something to do with it, but he thinks more people are taking safety seriously. 

"We study late on campus being in medical school," he said. "So, normally, no one leaves late at night by themselves. We just check and see who is still in the building and wants to go out to the parking lot together."

Simmons said hearing the number of crimes have went down is comforting but said she'll make sure to stress the importance of safety to her son while he's away. 

"That shows me that security is a priority here at this university," said Simmons. 

SIU police said the university has also added to the hundreds of security cameras already on campus and said they continue to improve lighting on pathways.

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