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School bus drivers and teachers stress safety among motorists

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WILLIAMSON COUNTY -- With the school year well underway, school bus drivers say they keep seeing people passing buses with stop signs out.

Stop signs are designed to get the message across pretty clear but local bus drivers say people along their routes are having a hard time following the sign's simple message.

"The stop sign was out, the bus was stopped, the door was open and a car just pulled out and sped right around the bus," explained Herrin Jr. High teacher Steve Sgutt.

People disobeying the simple law worries Sgutt more and more every day.

"What if we had been picking up students at that stop, you get kids hit," added Sgutt.

Herrin Jr. High principal Brad Heuring says there's absolutely no reason for the reckless driving.

"If you passed your drivers test you should know that when that stop arm is out you should stop for a bus going either direction, you don't just zoom around the bus and possibly hit a child or put someone else's safety in danger, it's just not worth it," said Heuring.

In Illinois, drivers passing a stopped school bus can lose their license for three months and get a $150 fine for the first offense.

"Probably saved that car 5 or 10 seconds that day would be my guess," added Sgutt.

A small amount of time Sgutt says definitely isn't worth risking a child's life over.

"Exactly, that's the way we feel it's not worth it," added Sgutt.

So Durham bus company is taking steps to catch people putting kids lives in danger.

All of Durham's buses have security cameras on the inside, now they're looking at adding cameras on the outside to keep people from disobeying their stop signs.

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