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Callie On The Job: Marion Collision Repair

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MARION -- Whether it's a dint, a ding or a full-on crash, many people are in need of having their car restored to its former glory.

Callie visits Marion Collision Center in this week's Callie on the Job. 

It can happen in an instant, whether you hit a deer, a car or a tree. They all end up needing the same thing, repaired. 

Shane Kelley, manager of the Marion Collision Center, says they see between 100 and 125 cars a month at the Marion Collision Center.

"You bring your car in here. We write the estimate up, we contact the insurance company on your behalf and get your repairs underway," Kelley said.

Kelley has been in the business for 22 years and he says the job has changed with time.

"The insurance companies are thinning out the employees and they're eliminating jobs and pushing more on the collision center to handle paperwork, the photos the estimates and all that," Kelley said. 
He says the changes have made the repair process much faster. 

"You're in, you sign it, you drop it off, you come pick it up. It's that simple," Kelley said. 

Once a car gets to the shop it first has to be inspected. The inspection starts with a full photo shoot of everything. Most cars get around 100 pictures. 

Kelley says,"We want all the corners. I want photos of your seats. I want photos of door panels. Dash. Headline. What's in the trunk. That just saves from any discrepancies."

Then it's time to start taking the car apart.The parts are separated into two groups.Remove and Replace which are parts that are damaged, and remove and install which are parts that have no damage and can go back onto the car once it's reassembled. Once the car is disassembled and each part is inspected, an estimate is created. After the customer accepts the price and time frame then parts are ordered. When the parts come in the car is ready to be repaired.

Some parts need to be painted so they match the rest of the car. He says finding a color match is often a tricky task so they have a special color camera that helps to find the correct shade. 

After the correct color is found, the car is painted then sent to be cleaned and detailed before being returned to the customer. 
Since Kelley deals with insurance companies on a daily basis he has some advice when looking to purchase insurance. 

Kelley says," I highly recommend rental insurance. It's minimal on your policy. You got a car in here and this is your only car what are you going to do? How are you going to get to work? How are you going to function."

He also recommends looking at your deductible.. Kelley says when insurance companies quote you, they want to give you the cheapest price so they can compete with other companies and often times that's not the policy with the best deductible. 

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