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Will we see stricter gun regulations in wake of Las Vegas massacre?

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CARBONDALE -- Will lawmakers actually take any action on stricter gun laws? A local political expert believes its likely we won't see many changes. 

Political analyst, John Jackson, says every time there's a mass shooting the gun regulation debate is reignited, but nothing ever changes. 

"The American people, by significant majority, favor taking some steps. But this is not a case of majority rules, this is a case of intense minority rule," said Jackson.    

Jackson believes the NRA is so powerful and well organized, it's standing in the way of closing loop holes. 

Jim Simpson has been a hunter his whole life. He says he wishes the NRA would budge on a few issues to make it harder on criminals.

"I think if they would limit the amount of magazines or capacity, I think you would avoid some of the craziness that's going on in the world," said Simpson. 

Jean Dawson wants stricter guidelines, too. She owns handguns but doesn't see the need for semi-automatic weapons that could be modified. She says gun wait times should be longer, and there should be a limit on the number of firearms a person could own. But she believes the real problem lies deeper. 

"I think mental health is an issue, too in this country. I don't think the mentally ill are getting enough help," said Dawson. 

Jackson says there's a chance Congress will take modest steps, but any big changes will take years. 
"It's not going to change certainly over the next several election cycles, it'll be a long time in the future before this changes in any basic way," said Jackson. 

Legislation has already been introduced to ban gun accessories, like bump stocks, that allow semi-automatic rifles to fire similar to automatic ones.

Consideration of a bill making gun silencers easier to obtain has been delayed in the wake of the shooting. 

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