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Local travelers already seeing effects of Hurricane Irma

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JACKSON COUNTY -- Hurricane Irma keeps pushing closer to the Bahamas and the Florida coast, and people in southern Illinois have begun feeling its effects in their wallet.

Employees at B and A travel in Carbondale say they've already had to cancel plans for people who were planning to travel to the Florida coast and areas in the Bahamas as Hurricane Irma approaches.

David Coracy calls it bad for business, but necessary.

"It's just part of the nature of the business, sometimes when you've got money invested you have to unwind it and sometimes when you wind it you unwind your income," explained Coracy.

Coracy says he worries less about rescheduling, and more on hoping his customer's resorts still stand after the storm.

"I think the biggest fear is with the force of the winds. It's going to start tearing into, unfortunately, a lot of these resorts and just rip them apart," added Coracy.

He says he can only hope and pray about that.

"Pray that there won't be too much damage or loss of life. I mean, we've already seen one huge catastrophe hit the Texas area pretty hard and lets hope we don't see another one," added Coracy.

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