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#TacosforTexas: Harvey relief at Mt. Vernon restaurant

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MT. VERNON -- Guero's Mexican Restaurant in Mt. Vernon hopes to make an impact and help Hurricane Harvey Victims in Texas. 

"Small differences mean something too," said Guero's owner Jennifer Carmona. "We're just a little mom-and-pop place. We're not even a corporation, but every bit helps."

After she heard about a local family unable to move to Texas after packing their whole house up, she figured she had to do something in her hometown. 

"I just saw how devastated they were," Carmona said. "I didn't realize people have plans to move down there and stuff. You think about them down there but it's everywhere."

They're using the hashtag #tacosfortexas. Carmona said they're donating 10 percent of sales on Sunday to Harvey relief through the Red Cross. She said the restaurant is also collecting donations and raised over $200 in one day, thanks to their customers.

"Mt. Vernon is about 14- to 15,000 people," Carmona said. "If everyone donated a dollar, it's just a lot and you don't realize because everything adds up."

Customers, like Heather Swan of Mt. Vernon, said they're glad to see Southern Illinoisans do their part. 

"So it's just kind of making its wave across the U.S. and everybody is helping because this is one of the worst things we've experienced," Swan said. "You see a lot of it happening. It's heartwarming to know to know that everybody can come as one and there's no division."

And Carmona encourages everyone in the community to find their own way of helping.  

"If you can't make it down to eat, that's fine," she said. "There's always other ways to donate and every bit helps."

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