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Residents flood stores to stock up for eclipse

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MARION -- Local residents are flooding stores to stock up on goods before the crowd of visitors arrives for the eclipse.

Employees at the Marion Kroger say this is the busiest it has ever been at the store.

"This is my 40th year with the company, and I've never seen anything like this," said Marion Kroger Assistant Manager Mike Batson.

Batson says that all week he's seen barren shelves at the end of the day as customers flood the stores to stock up ahead of Monday's eclipse.

"It's like a snow scare on top of a snow scare on top of a holiday," said Batson.

He says his store has repeatedly had to order more products, and it seems that employees are constantly having to restock shelves with items like bread, milk, and eggs. 

All this is despite planning for the event for the last month.

"We thought we went in loaded for bear, and since then we've added special deliveries, we've reached out to all of our vendors for additional products," said Batson.

Batson says the influx of customers started as early as last week and that he expects it will only get more and more hectic as the week goes on, and visitors come into the area for the big day.

"This is not a normal Friday and it was not a normal Thursday or a Wednesday or a Tuesday, and I don't know what tomorrow's going to bring," said Batson.

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