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Skimmers found at two local Motomarts

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WILLIAMSON Co. -- Carterville and Marion Police are investigating potential theft of credit card information at two local Motomarts. So how do we protect ourselves from being scammed at the pumps? 

Mark Rogers, a technology expert at John a Logan College, says devices like the one found inside a Motomart pump, are actually meant for training purposes and testing out your own home security.

But scammers are using them steal credit card numbers.

"All fuel pumps have an official security label on it where it's got 'void' where its been opened. That's what you want to look for," said Rogers. 

Rogers says a skimming device can be installed as quickly as two to three minutes. So with it being that easy to install, we all need to pay close attention before we swipe our cards. His advice is to walk inside and pay as often as you can. But if you're in a hurry and have to pay at the pump, make sure the red label hasn't been cut or removed.

He also suggests always trying to use the pumps closest to the attendant because thieves are more likely to put skimmers on pumps and ATMS that are harder to see. 

It's unclear how long the devices may have been inside the pumps, so if you've filled up at Motomart in Marion or Carterville, make sure to check your bank statements. 

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