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Should consumers be concerned about DJI drones after Army bans them?

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CARTERVILLE -- The United States army ordered soldiers to quit using DJI drones manufactured in China, because of "cyber vulnerabilities."

Tom Mann, production manager at WSIL-TV, is part of the team who flies DJI drones to capture footage for the station. He said this raises some concerns for anyone flying a drone, whether you're in the military or not.

"For me it's pretty understandable why the United States army or any military wouldn't want to use a consumer or commercial product," Mann said. "It's pretty simple. Every time we go up, it's logging metadata."

That includes when, where and how long someone flies a drone. And as far as where that data is going, that's still unclear.

"It's kind of like you're cellphone," he said. "If someone wants to find out something, where you went, what you were doing, they can find that out. If you're just flying it at home and having fun, you need to be careful."

Mann said following the FAA requirements will keep you out of trouble.

"For me, if I'm following the rules, it doesn't bother me," Mann said. "I don't think you have anything to worry about if you're following the rules."

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