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The cost of raising taxes

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WSIL --  Proposed Illinois tax increases prompted concern from people all across the state, because they fear, the state may tax itself out of its competitive position.

The average taxpayer would pay about 720 dollars more a year, under the proposed income tax increase, and the Illinois Policy Institute says the average household would pay a little more than 11-hundred dollars extra.

 "People don't want taxes either. Polls have told us that again and again. People want spending reforms." said Ted Dobroplwski , Vice president of the Illinois Policy Institute.

He says the proposed corporate tax increase will also hurt the state.

"We on the other hand are increasing the costs and that means fewer jobs, fewer opportunities and less pay. It's the wrong thing for Illinois."

The Illinois Manufacturers Association agrees, saying in a statement, the tax hikes will further hurt Illinois' middle class as well as Illinois' businesses and families.

The statement goes on to say the state keeps losing jobs to neighboring states, calling it "a recipe for disaster".

"I think we pay too much in taxes the way it is," said John Cox of Herrin, who doesn't expect the income tax hike to hit him directly because he's retired, but it will hurt several people he knows.

"And no wonder people's leaving, I can see why. It's because everything is so damn screwed up in the state."

 Jeremy Gajewski says he can live with an income tax increase— but lawmakers have to get a budget done, "They kinda need to pull through on their end. Why can't they pass a budget? We're coming up on three years now and as far as that goes, if they don't pass the budget and get all their stuff, why should I have to pay my income taxes for that?"

And while he doesn't like shelling out more to the state, he just wants the impasse... to end.

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