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Motorcyclist warns other riders beware of deer

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WILLIAMSON CO. -- Early Tuesday morning, two men riding motorcycles near Spillertown hit a deer and lost control of their bikes. Survivors of similar crashes warn riders to stay extra cautious. 

Mike Morgan is moving slowly this week.                                                                                                                                                

Six days ago, as he rode his motorcycle home from work, a deer walked out in front of him. The impact threw him from the bike, and he landed on the road, head first, before sliding down the asphalt. 

He says he slowed down when he saw a deer ahead, but didn't expect another to suddenly step out in front of him.

"By the time the deer that I hit stepped out of the ditch, there was no avoiding it," said Morgan. 

He says over the past couple of years, he's had close calls with deer. 

"You cannot see them until they are on the road. The ditches are really not getting mowed much anymore due to everybody's budgets being cut," said Morgan. 

Illinois State Trooper Joey Watson says accidents like this happen far too often. He says riders should invest in the right gear, and avoid riding at dusk and dawn when the animals move around.

"Make sure that you've got the appropriate riding gear on. So that in case something bad does happen, you're prepared for the slide and not the ride," said Trooper Watson. 

Morgan had prepared, with a helmet, over-the-ankle boots and leather.  He warns other riders, even if you gear-up, you better slow down to give yourself more time to react. 

He says nobody should experience hitting a 100-plus-pound animal.

"You can tell you've flew through the air and rolled across concrete for a while, ya know," said Morgan.

Local police and wildlife experts want us all to remain on the lookout for more deer, because recent flooding may have displaced some of the animals. 

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