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Leader calls for Rep. Dave Severin to resign

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UPDATED: 5:10 p.m. TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2017

WSIL -- Rep. Dave Severin issued the following statement in response to the Williamson County Democratic chairman's call for his resignation:

"Williamson County Democrats are still trying to adjust to life without a Madigan enabler in office so I can understand their frustration. With that said, their calls for my resignation are bizarre, at best."


WSIL -- The Williamson County Democratic chairman is calling for Representative Dave Severin to resign.

Cody R. Moake cites an article in The Southern Illinoisan where Severin says he left Springfield on April 6 to avoid two votes. Severin told the newspaper he felt pressure to vote a certain way by the Republican Party.

One of those votes was SB 19, which centered on hundreds of nursing and medical positions at state prisons.

The other was a "lifeline" budget proposal.

Moake's entire statement is below:

The reality of the situation is that Severin was elected by his constituents, not House leadership. If he cannot in good faith, complete the job he was elected to do, he should step down," Moake said Tuesday. "While I did not vote for Mr. Severin, I expect from him, and everyone in the 117th should expect from him, to represent the best interests of the district on every issue that comes to a vote. We need someone to represent our area, home of some of the highest unemployed counties in the State. If he is not willing to stand up for these nurses, I want someone in there that will at least take a stance, not run away. If Mr. Severin is too much of a coward to stand up for what's right, I urge him to step down and I challenge the Republican parties in the 117th district to appoint a representative that will keep our best interests in mind, and take those tough votes.

Severin responded with the following statement:

In my short time in Springfield, I have seen the political games being played by Speaker Madigan nearly every day.
What was omitted from the previous reporting is the fact that prior to the bill being called, the administration informed me that they would rescind the corrections nurses’ layoffs and go back to the negotiating table, thanks to the urging of a number of my colleagues and me.
Knowing this fact ahead of time gave me the peace of mind I needed to know that the bill would not be necessary and was in fact yet another attempt by Speaker Madigan to drive a wedge between myself and my constituents for political purposes. Negotiations are continuing as we speak and I encourage both sides to stay at the table until a deal is reached.

Look for much more as this story continues to develop.

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