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Carbondale among the best places to watch the eclipse

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WSIL-TV -- Looking for a place to watch the August 21 total eclipse?  People in southern Illinois won't have to travel far to have the best view.

The National Eclipse Blog lists Jackson County (specifically, Cedar Lake) as one of the Top-10 places in the nation from which to view the solar eclipse.  

The blog states, "After 2017, the next total solar eclipse to occur in the U.S. will take place on April 8, 2024. Since the 2017 eclipse crosses the country from northwest to southeast and the 2024 eclipse travels through the nation from southwest to northeast, the two paths cross each other and create a zone of overlapping totality in southeastern Missouri, southern Illinois, and western Kentucky. If you stand in the same place within this totality zone on August 21, 2017, and April 8, 2024, you can tell your friends that you witnessed two total eclipses from the same spot in seven years. Pretty neat, right?"

"You can tell your friends that you witnessed two total eclipses from the same spot in seven years.  Pretty neat, right?"

The 2017 solar eclipse moves across the country on a northwest to southeast path.  The 2024 eclipse moves from the southwest to the northeast forming a large X over the nation.

As the blog points out, there can only be one unique point on Earth where the center lines of both the 2017 and the 2024 eclipses meet. That point is located near the eastern shore of Cedar Lake.

Don't want to leave your home, school or business to view the eclipse?  Here are the lengths of duration for other communities in southern Illinois as determined by The total eclipse will begin at approximately 1:17 CDT for the most western communities and at 1:22 CDT for the most eastern communities.

Places to view the 2017 eclipse in southern Illinois
Town or Area Length of Duration
Alto Pass


Anna 2:33
Ava 2:34
Belknap 2:33
Benton 1:22
Buncombe 2:40
Campbell Hill 2:33
Carbondale 2:37 
Carrier Mills 2:16
Carterville 2:30
Cave-In-Rock 2:18
Chester 2:40
Christopher 1:51
Cobden 2:38
Creal Springs 2:34
Cypress 2:33
DeSoto 2:31
Dongola 2:27
Du Quoin 2:00
Eddyville 2:35
Eldorado 1:14
Elizabethtown 2:29
Elkville 2:20
Equality 1:31
Evansville 2:32
Freeburg 1:09
Galatia 1:33
Giant City State Park 2:40
Golconda 2:40
Goreville 2:40
Gorham 2:40
Grand Tower 2:38
Harrisburg 1:56
Herrin 2:23
Jonesboro 2:32
Joppa 2:24
Junction 1:16
Karnak 2:28
Kaskaskia 2:40
Lake of Egypt 2:38
Makanda 2:40
Marion 2:27
Marissa 1:52
Metropolis 2:23
Mill Creek 2:19
Mound City 1:16
Mounds 1:23
Murphysboro 2:38
Olmsted 2:00
Pinckneyville 1:58
Pulaski 1:56
Red Bud 2:21
Ridgway 0:22
Rosiclare 2:33
Sesser 1:00
Shawneetown 1:11
Simpson 2:40
Sparta 1:16
Stonefort 2:30
Tamaroa 1:16
Tamms 1:55
Ullin 2:12
Vergennes 2:27
Vienna 2:39
West Frankfort 1:57
Zeigler 2:08

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