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WSIL-TV -- The News 3 staff has been surfing the internet to find helpful sites for the 2017 solar eclipse.  

On this page we've included some of our favorites.  Please share some of your own with us at

National sites about the eclipse:

  • ABC News has this page dedicated to the eclipse and will also air a 2-hour special report the day of the eclipse.
  • The Washington Post has an interactive feature in which you can see how many solar eclipses will happen in your lifetime.
  • This site is filled with great information and maps: it also offers an eclipse2017 app.
  • Here is the NASA site for the solar eclipse.
  • Another site loaded with information is the Great American Eclipse site.
  • is another site loaded with information and great images.
  • National Eclipse is another great site, well produced and loaded with information including the National Eclipse Blog.
  • offers a total solar eclipse guide.
  • offers 25 interesting facts about the solar eclipse.
  • has a page dedicated to the path of the solar eclipse.
  • Dr. Kate Russo's site "Being in the Shadow" focuses on what it's like to experience a total solar eclipse.
  • Fred Espenak is known as Mr. Eclipse, his site is loaded with eclipse information
  • The AmericanEclipseUSA site gives a good explanation of an eclipse in its different phases.
  • Here's a Wikipedia article on the 2017 solar eclipse.
  • Want to view the "Ring of Fire" from the recent solar eclipse in Chile?  Check out this recording of a live broadcast on Slooh - Space for Everyone.  It also features commentary from eclipse experts from around the globe.
  • For information on the Eclipse Megamovie 2017, click here.
  • Where are some of the best places to view the eclipse?  Carbondale is one!  Here is a list of the Top-10 spots as selected by USA Today.

Illinois sites about the eclipse:

Kentucky sites about the eclipse:

  • Paducah tourism site about the eclipse, featuring events and lodging information.
  • This site focuses on Hopkinsville, KY, the place of greatest duration of totality.
  • Hopkinsville, KY is now "Eclipseville".  Visit this site to find out more about the community, events, lodging, etc.
  • Kentucky Tourism has launched a wonderful site about places to view the eclipse throughout the state.

Missouri sites about the eclipse:

  • St. Louis Eclipse 2017 offers eclipse information for those in Missouri.
  • The Missouri Department of Natural Resources offers this site for eclipse information.
  • The University of Missouri has this site dedicated to the eclipse.
  • If you'd like to view the eclipse from one of Missouri's state parks, head to this site.
  • St. Joseph offers this site for eclipse visitors.

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