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Pulaski County Courthouse closed after elevator trouble

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UPDATE: 6:50 p.m. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2016

MOUNDS CITY -- The Pulaski County Courthouse will be closed again Thursday.

The courthouse has been closed all week due to problems with the elevator transporter over the weekend. Cleanup crews have been working daily to clean up the problem.

Council leaders say they hope to have the courtroom open by Friday and the rest of the courthouse open by next Monday.


MOUND CITY -- If you've got business at the Pulaski County Courthouse, you'll have to wait. The courthouse has been closed since Monday after problems with the elevator.

Outside the courthouse, the doors are locked and a sign posted.

"Some kind of transformer for the elevator started smoking and left a horrible smell in there," said Mound City resident Willie Kizer.

Kizer learned a day ago the courthouse was closed for cleanup.

"There's only so much you can do with a very old building. I guess they've been doing the best they could," said Kizer.

Tuesday, several ServPro vehicles were there, but no one could comment.

Kizer believes part of the problem is the age of the building.

"Yes, it's been here, way before me," added Kizer. The courthouse was built in 1912.

"You can tell that it's very old and it really needs some complete overhaul or renovation to bring it up to, I should say, modern time or date," said Kizer.

He said, on the outside, it looks sound, but the inside needs a major makeover.

"Redo the floors and the plumbing and just make it look like, you know, bring it up to date where people can be proud of the history that it has," said Kizer.

Like any major renovation work, you have to have funding and Kizer is not sure of the county's finances. He said that's where local legislatures can do their part to help rebuild the community and keep historic sites.

"We really need some of our politicians to really come down here and look at this area and try to get some investments down here to really help this area and help the people," said Kizer.

According to Pulaski Co ESDA/EMA social media pages, the courthouse will be closed again Wednesday, November 16. All court related matters will be rescheduled. People are asked to contact their attorney's for more information.

News 3 made several attempts to get a hold of county leaders. No one was available for comment.

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