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Affordable Care Act, not so affordable

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WSIL -- President-elect Donald Trump had promised to repeal or make big changes to the Affordable Care Act, citing skyrocketing premiums as a major reason.

Obamacare aimed to soften the expense of health insurance by getting more people covered, but insurance companies have seen their profits shrink under the program. So they either left the program, or boosted their rates. 

"I own my own home and its more than my house payment. My premium for health insurance monthly is more than my house payment," explained Patti Orlovich, who has Obamacare. 

Orlovich learned last week what she'll pay in January if she doesn't find a cheaper health insurance plan.

"I pay around $623 a month and now we are going up to $1,160 a month," said Orlovich. 

That's a more than an 80 percent increase, with less coverage. Her deductible will go up nearly $500. 

Even her insurance broker, Jamie Simmons, saw his rates skyrocket.

"I had a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan and I was playing $530, but on January first it'll be $909 a month," said Orlovich. 

Simmons says it can't continue like this because families just can't afford it.

100 percent of his clients, all middle class, will see increases, with nearly half paying double just like Patti.  

"People are really going to have to shop. They are really going to have to look deep into this. There are options," said Simmons.  

Patti and her husband want a group plan for their employees at Marion's Appliance Wizard, but with the way rates keep going up, they don't know if they can afford it. 

"It's not affordable for anybody. I don't even think the wealthy would pay eleven hundred dollars a month in a premiums," said Orlovich. 

The Reuters News Service reported President-elect Trump said, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal Friday, he may not repeal Obamacare, and may just fix certain parts of the system. 

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