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Saluki Spirit Effort overtakes southern Illinois

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CARBONDALE -- Despite some bad news coming out of the SIU campus regarding enrollment, budget problems and crime, there's a movement to highlight the positives of being a Saluki. It's called the Saluki Spirit Effort and is made up of students, staff, alumni and members of the community.

You can learn more by contacting Dr. Phil Anton. When you upload photos to social media, use #WeAreAllSalukis. Below is the mission statement from the group.

Why do it?

In these times of trial and seemingly endless negativity, we need to pull together and celebrate and support what we have that is worth celebrating. We know there are problems and we are certainly not sticking our head in the sand, but we have A LOT of great stuff going on and that type of thing often gets pushed to the background when there are major problems.

What is it?

Is it just another “athletics thing”? NO. While it certainly has a Saluki Athletics element to it, it is really an inclusive effort designed to involve the entire campus, as well as the surrounding community.

The Saluki Spirit Committee

This group was formed this summer and includes representatives from various campus and community entities. It is a group dedicated to ramping up recognition of Saluki Spirit around campus and the community. Out of this group have come several endeavors:

1) Saluki Friday

Following an official proclamation by the Chancellor in July, every Friday we encourage the campus and community to show their Saluki Spirit by wearing their favorite Saluki gear. Doesn’t have to be maroon, it just needs to be representative of our University. Early in the semester Saluki “Run With Us” t-shirts were sold in an effort to Saluki-ize the campus.

2) The Saluki Spirit Table

Every Friday this semester, we have had a table in the Student Center with Saluki-related giveaway items, Saluki Friday promotional items, and advertising for upcoming Saluki athletic events. Members of various Saluki athletic teams have been on hand to help spread the good word of Saluki Spirit. You may have seen pics posted on Facebook, Twitter, or in the Saluki Spirit Announcements (described below).

3) Saluki Spirit Announcements

Each week, we have been collecting material related to upcoming events, significant accomplishments, opportunities to be involved, pictorial evidence of Saluki Spirit, etc. – pretty much anything that we can take pride in on-campus and in the community – and have been compiling them into a series of announcements that have been distributed by the Saluki Spirit Liaisons (described below). Thus far the Announcements have largely been Athletics-related, but slowly but surely we are getting more info on the goings-on in other aspects of campus and community life. As Head Saluki Spirit Liaison, I am hoping that we can continue to get more involvement from all corners of the Saluki world. If you have anything you feel is worth noting or can help spread the word that I am looking for such things, please send anything and everything to:

4) Saluki Spirit Liaisons

This is a group of campus and community folks who have volunteered to share the Saluki Spirit Announcements via email each week with their respective constituencies.  The group is composed of people from different departments, programs, units, offices, student groups, community businesses, civic groups, etc.  We have good representation from some groups, but many are underrepresented or not represented at all.   We are always looking to expand this grass-roots effort.  If you know of anyone anywhere on campus or in the community who you think might be willing to join this group, please have them email me at:


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