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Millennial voters weigh in on upcoming election

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WSIL -- Millennial voters make up the nations largest voting block and the candidates are taking notice. But what will it take to get them to the polls? We went to SIU Monday to talk with students about the upcoming election.

When we asked students who they supported many were undecided. Logan Moore, a student at the university said, "I'm honestly not sure, I don't even know if I'm voting." Christie Wonch echoed a similar opinion, "I haven't really looked into it lately because it just makes me so angry."

Many millennials will head to the polls for the first time this presidential election. Moore, still unsure of who to vote, for said, "I honestly don't know they all kind of suck, I'll be honest."

A lack of enthusiasm seems to be showing despite recent polls showing Hillary Clinton with a slight lead over Donald Trump in August. Kristen Nelson is likely voting for Clinton, "I'm leaning more towards Hillary, but that's really because that's what my family is leaning more towards." Chaundia Jones is voting for Clinton, but wants more information about her before marking the ballot.

While many people like Trump because he's a political outsider millennials we spoke to support Clinton because of her political experience. Becca Arnolds said, "She's been in politics a lot and I know she's been scrutinized for a lot of stuff that people are just finding out, out of the two she's the most qualified."

Jones agreed, "I think she's more experienced than Trump"

In the end most students told us they're not ready to head to the polls without more information on all of the candidates. Moore said, "I just feel like people don't know what they're getting into and don't spend time to actually understand or realize how important it is."

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