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Agriculture jobs on the rise, not enough graduates to fill positions

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CARBONDALE -- If you know someone planning for college, you may encourage them to consider a career in agriculture. 

A study by the USDA calls it one of the fastest growing industries, without enough graduates to fill the jobs. 

Renee Kinzinger, a junior in SIU's Agriculture Department, may have no trouble finding a job, according to U.S. Agriculture experts.

"Everybody needs to eat and our population just keeps growing and so, obviously, agriculture needs to keep growing with it," said Kinzinger. 

That puts jobs in agriculture in high demand. 

Nearly 60,000 agriculture jobs nationwide will be available this year, with a lack of graduates to fill them. 

"We have a huge shortage in the Ag industry right now so anybody that's our there and looking for a career and looking for a possibility of a great job outlook, Ag is the place to be and will continue to be," said Peter Dirks with SIU's College of Agricultural Science.  

And the industry wants SIU Ag students. Close to 50 employers came to Carbondale to recruit, even trying to talk to sophomores and juniors. 

"Usually a lot of them before they ever walk out the door here they have a job already prepared for them," said Myron Albers, interim director of SIU farms. 

That's because of the need for young people in the workforce who understand the new technology that's flooded the business. 

"It's not just a tractor in a field industry. There is so much more to that that encompasses sales and marketing, accounting. We have an accounting firm here today that strictly work for farms. I mean that's what they do," said Dirks. 

Illinois has only one other agriculture school in the state beside SIU.

Kinzinger says the opportunities she found at SIU will put her ahead when it comes time to find a job. 

"We have a lot of hands on opportunities with our students and these employers know that they are going to get good students from SIU," said Kinzinger. 

Keeping the Ag business growing to feed hungry mouths around the world.

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