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Callie On The Job: Artistic Mind Tattoos

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CARBONDALE -- News 3's Callie Carroll leaves her permanent mark in this week's Callie on the Job. 

Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and John Beyler. Artists are no longer limited to just painting and sculpting, some artists prefer a walking canvas.

Beyler, owner of Artistic Mind Tattoos in Carbondale, has been perfecting his art form for 10 years.

He has hundreds of tattoos himself.

"Your art lives forever and it's one of the few arts that you can do, get paid and get recognition before you die," said Beyler.

He says, "Everybody has to be different, and it's just like wearing jewelry that you can't take off, it's just expressing yourself, your love for art and being unique."

But being a tattoo artist isn't just about creativity upholding a sterile environment is a big part of the job.

"Cleanliness is everything in this business. I've been in this town my whole life and I've watched tattoo shops come and go because of cleanliness," said Beyler.

Tattoo shops are inspected by the health department just like a restaurant. Artistic Mind Tattoos prides themselves on keeping their shop clean and not having any health violations. 

The shop has its own sterile room. In this room all equipment is cleaned, bagged, then steamed by the same machine that medical offices use. 

After the employees make sure the environment is clean then a stencil of the tattoo is created. 

When the stencil goes down on the skin it acts like a temporary tattoo. This gives the artist a line to go by. 

When the tattoo is finished, a bandage goes on for about an hour, then it's important to keep it uncovered so it can properly heal.

"Doing a tattoo, and if they love it, they're going to be happy with it and they're going to remember you and that experience for the rest of their lives and it's kind of one of those things you get to live forever in a sense," said Beyler.

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