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Doctors shy away from "flu mist" this year

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WILLIAMSON COUNTY --   Flu season is almost here -- and a lot of places have already started taking appointments for the vaccine.

And while many places offer a choice between a shot and the "flu mist" spray... we may find fewer choices this year.

This flu season, more doctors may resort to the dreaded needle. 

"We'll be using shots only. Yes, I won't have any flu-mist this year," said Pediatrician Ronald Chediak.

Right now, many pediatricians say they won't use "nasal spray" flu vaccine.

An Advisory committee with the Centers for Disease Control recently recommended doctors stay away from the Flu Mist during the 2016-2017 flu season.

Chediak prefers to use the spray with children, saying it used to prove more effective than the shot.

"For the last couple of years, in the studies they've done, that hasn't continued to hold true and know one knows why."

The Franklin Williamson Bi-County Health Department doesn't administer the flu mist for other reasons.

As they get ready for to take their first appointments, Health Department Director Carrie Eldridge prefers the needle.

She says...  unlike the shot -- the spray includes a live attenuated virus, that can put other patients at risk.

"A child could always sneeze that live virus out and then you can expose people to that live virus."

Since lots of folks don't like the needle -- Chediak hopes they can overcome that when it comes to getting the flu vaccine this year.

"There are a number of people who die of vaccine preventable diseases The two biggest are influenza and HPV.

He says, immunizations for both can stop thousands of death each year.

Flu season begins in October...

Many places will start administering the vaccine at the end of this month.

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