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Records show Rauner spends big money in upcoming elections

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WSIL -- When it comes to politics it all comes down to the money. At least that's what many big political donors are banking on.

 "It's a fact of life: you're never going to get away from the money," says Bill Murphy.

Like other voters, he say it's obvious how much money goes into state politics. Just turn on your TV, computer or drive down the block.

Senator Gary Forby points to the funding his opponent Dale Fowler has received.

"All he does is put out his hand and the governor gives him an open check," he claims.

According to the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform website, Fowler got more than $200,000 from the Republican State Senate Campaign Committee.

That group received nearly $2.5 million from the Illinois Republican Party.

Fowler also got $60,000 directly from the Illinois Republican Party, which has $24 million to fund various candidates, and its biggest donor is Citizens for Rauner, which got $40 million from the governor himself, making him the largest donor.

"I'm very focused on growing the Illinois economy. That's where I'm spending my time. I'm not too involved in races," Rauner previously said.

"There's two sides to every story, you know. He says he's not getting involved, but at the fair he says I'm gonna make a statement. I'm going to spend more money than all the Democrats in the state of Illinois," says Forby.

Forby himself received more than $640,000 from the Senate Democratic Victory Fund, and says asking for votes and for donations is all part of politics.

"You know, the office gets calls every day on issues and stuff and we can make them people help us," he says.

Voters know its an undeniable reality, but that doesn't mean they think it's fair.

"It's whoever has the most money wins. Isn't that the way it is everywhere? If you've got enough money, you win," says Murphy.

The Democratic Party of Illinois has just more than $3 million on hand, according to the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform website.

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