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Rauner adds police stops to driver's ed curriculum

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MURPHYSBORO -- Illinois teens, enrolled in driver's education courses, will be learning how to respond if they are pulled over by police, thanks to a new bill signed by Governor Rauner.

From the classroom to the road. 

"We start by going over the rules of the road book," said Daryl Murphy, Murphysboro High School Driver's Ed Instructor. 

Murphysboro High School Sophomore Laycee Presutti is ready to get her license.

Presutti said, "It's kind of a bit breath taking and scary."

Murphy tries to take some of the scare out of learning to drive. But, the long list of things he teaches continues to grow. 

"I think as the world changes, we change," said Murphy. 

One of those changes is how to handle a police stop.

Murphy said, "I think it's a little bit of a quick jolt every time you see a policeman or especially if you're getting pulled over."

It's all about being prepared.

"It's a hard thing to simulate because unless it's actually happening, it's something you can't practice," said Murphy. 

And, knowing what to do, when it happens to you.

Murphy said, "Any emergency vehicles, you need to move over to the right-hand side of the roadway, move onto the shoulder, slow your vehicle down and come to a stop."

"I think as long as you respect the cops, they'll respect you back," said Presutti. 

While police stops have always been a part of the curriculum at Murphysboro High Schoool for a number of years, Murphy said there will be more of an emphasis now. 

With less than a month until Laycee's 16th birthday, Murphy has taught her enough to prepare Laycee for her license. 

Murphysboro High School brings in outside guests, like police officers, to go over things like police stops. The new curriculum will be rolled out for the 2017-2018 school year. The Secretary of State's Office will set the guidelines for the new curriculum.

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