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Illinois House endorses budget with recount vote

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WSIL – A state budget was endorsed in the Illinois House, but still has to be called in the Senate.

State Rep. Terri Bryant, R-Murphysboro, said the budget was handed out just hours before House Speaker Michael Madigan wanted a vote on it, and for rank-and-file leaders, they only had about 30 minutes to review it. Then, Bryant said Republicans asked for roll call verification but it didn't happen until Thursday.

State Rep. John Bradley, D-Marion, said the budget is a good thing. He said it will help out southern Illinois and if Republicans have issues with the measure, they can amend it in the Senate or Gov. Bruce Rauner has a few options to take.

“It’s a budget that provides for southern Illinois. It goes to the Senate and the governor can make decisions, whether or not he wants to veto it, [use an amendatory veto] or sign it,” Bradley said.

The House held a second vote Thursday and proceeded with the roll call verification, but it did not make much of a difference. The measure still passed.

“It funds our universities and community colleges. It funds things we care about, like Hardin County Work camp and Franklin County Medical Center, and puts more money into our schools,” Bradley said.

Bradley said Thursday let everyone in the House speak their piece.

But Bryant said the measure is just out of whack.

“It’s a $40 billion spending plan that puts us $7 billion more in debt, forcing a massive tax increase and still not solving the problems in Illinois,” Bryant said.

It is unclear if the governor will veto the legislation if it reaches his desk. Still, Rauner said again Thursday he will not give up on his reform agendas and that lawmakers, from both sides, want the reform, too.

“Boy, the vast majority of [lawmakers] in private say, ‘we don’t want to have more unbalanced spending, we don’t want to have this over spending going on and we don’t want to have a tax hike put on us with no reforms or that we’re forced to take.’ They don’t want that,” Rauner said.

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