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Southern Illinois Cold Cases: Ryan Livingston Murder

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CARBONDALE -- The trail of clues went cold years ago, but one victim's family has kept the case warm, waiting for more clues and, hopefully, eventually an arrest.

"If you lose a limb, you will heal but your life will never be the same, and it's the same with your son or daughter. Your life is forever changed," said Denise Livingston.

Livingston's life forever changed almost ten years ago, with the murder of her son, Ryan.

To this day, police haven't made any arrests, but they haven't stopped trying.

"He'd gone and visited a friend and then was walking to a relative's house and was on the sidewalk in the 300 block of West Walnut Street," explained  Lt. Mark Goddard, Carbondale Police Department.

Goddard says apparently two men approached Livingston and robbed him, stabbed him and left him bleeding, but still alive.

"He'd indicated he'd been robbed and he described two suspects in this which would indicate that it was a random thing, that they picked him out at random," Goddard added.

He died a short time later in the hospital, but the pall his attack left over Carbondale lingered for years.

What makes the Livingston murder so chilling is that it could happen to any of us, minding our own business walking down any street, and it's the apparent randomness of this crime that makes it so hard to solve.

That's why Lt. Goddard wants to remind us of the murder and the public facts of the case.

He hopes, even ten years later, someone may know something or may hear something that could put those responsible behind bars.

"I'm hoping that by putting this back out in the public's eye to remind them that even though it happened many years ago, we're still dedicated to try to find resolution to these cases," he said.

Ryan Livingston's murder left a family and a community without any kind of closure.

Denise Livingston remains active in the case to this day and advises parents they have to stay involved, to keep these crimes in the mind of the public, to keep chances alive that investigators might solve it and make an arrest.

"And don't give up, because if you don't fight for your child, who's going to?" she added.

If you remember anything about the murder of Ryan Livingston that could help police, call Carbondale Police.

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