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Callie On The Job: Crisp Container & Pepsi Mid America

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MARION -- In this week's Callie on the Job, she visited Crisp Container and Pepsi MidAmerica in Marion. 

Crisp Container manufactures 60 million bottles a year for Pepsi MidAmerica. The bottles start out as tiny preforms that look like test tubes. They're fed into a machine that uses infrared heat to blow and stretch the bottle into its proper shape. Then the bottles are labeled and put onto pallets until customers call for them. 

Customers can tell their bottle was made in Marion by looking at the date code on the bottle, underneath the label. If the code starts with the letter "M" then it was manufactured in Marion.

The soda bottles are filled also in Marion, at Pepsi MidAmerica.The making of the soda all starts with the delivery of the corn syrup. Three times a day a truck holding 4,500 gallons of sweetener pull up to the dock. The driver's first task once they pull up is to get a sample of the syrup and have it tested. To get the sample, you have to climb onto the roof of the truck.

Once the sample is cleared, then its time to hook up the pump. All latches on the truck are marked with security codes so they can be monitored and checked. The pump has a filter that snaps on to make sure anything that may have gotten into the syrup isn't pumped out. The entire truck takes 45 minutes to an hour to empty out completely.

The syrup is kept in holding vats until it's time to be mixed with the other ingredients. Once the soda is made, it goes into the proper bottle from Crisp Container and then it's shipped out. 

Crisp Container isn't just a bottle blowing company, but also a freight company. Since the trucks have to go to St. Louis daily, they will ship an entire semi truck full or just a few pallets for a low rate to all local businesses. 

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