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Trauma therapy training taking off in southern Illinois

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WSIL  --  A new training program aims to help southern Illinois' most vulnerable children.

50 people in the region who work with kids who've been abused and neglected will get certified in Trauma-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

The goal is to help kids overcome traumatic experiences and it's taking off in the region.

"When things happen early it impacts the way our brain works and the way it will work and develop continuous though out their lifespan," says   Dr. Matt Buckman of the Egyptian Public & Mental Health Department.

He says without intervention those negative experiences can cause even more problems down the road.

So, the Children's Medical and Mental Health Resource Network along with the Poshard Foundation and community organizers are trying to forge a new path.

Jo Poshard explains, it's an "18 month program and at the end of it were going to have 50 new certified trauma trainers for children who have committed to stay in southern Illinois."

The foundation donated more than $100,000 to the cause to do what others can't.

"These agencies, particularity today, don't have funding to adequately take care of these children," explains Glenn Poshard.

It's changing the methods experts use to work with children who've experienced violence, sexual abuse, and neglect.

"The family is involved from the beginning all the way to the end and almost experience every part of it just like the child," say therapist Amber Gregory.

Experts call the grassroots training program a new "gold standard," and it's drawing attention from other agencies throughout the state. Meanwhile, it continues to gain more ground here in southern Illinois 

"The multiplying effect of these clinicians doing what works and what we know is effective is going to change southern Illinois," says Buckman.

Experts say what makes this type of therapy so effective is that the skills can be used in many areas of the client's life.

The Poshard Foundation hopes to train another 50 community members next year.

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