Rend Lake Basketball: All in the Family


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INA -- When you hear a Verhines name called in the starting lineup at a Rend Lake College men's basketball game, expect another one to follow.

"It's fun to hear our names called in the starting lineups and to walk out on the court together to start the game," Warriors forward Bronson Verhines said.

Bronson and Dawson Verhines are two of the Warriors' top players this season. How the brothers aged two years apart ended up on the same college team is a bit bizarre.

"He kind of got the itch to come back and play," Dawson said.

After a standout career at Woodlawn, Bronson continued playing at Kaskaskia College. He only stayed a year though, giving up basketball to focus on academics. After finishing his associate degree, he transferred to SIUE. It was there he got the itch to suit up.

"I guess you could say I got the fixing to play basketball again," Bronson said. "I saw the whole atmosphere and realized that I missed that."

Bronson followed his brother and the Warriors on their run to the national tournament last year, attending multiple games. After the season, he decided to give basketball another shot.

"You can't do this when you're 40, you can't do it when you're 30," he said. "So I was like, 'You're only young once, why not go for it?'"

"Bronson talked to me and I mentioned something to the coaches and they started talking and one thing led to another and he's back here playing," Dawson added.

"He's an integral part of the team, the offense goes through him and he's been a starter for us for most of the year," Warriors head coach Randy House said.

On the court, Bronson and Dawson have an unspoken connection. The pair have combined to score nearly a fourth of the team's points.

"We just kind of click, we've got that brother chemistry," said Dawson.

"It is a lot like high school," Bronson added. "It feels like not too much has changed overall."
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